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This website is a volunteer based, non profit initiative supporting the work of St. Matthew's, The Anglican Church in the Glebe, 217 First Avenue, Ottawa., K1S 2G5.  This site does not accept or permit any form of advertising, sponsorship or donations. Please see below. 

The 48

Please send your thoughts or comments, or add to these stories. We will update the files of any of The 48 on an ongoing basis. Of particular interest is seeking out descendents of The 48 so they can view these stories.

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Please visit the Church site at Donations in support of of St. Matthews can be made via the church's website. In the lower right section of its front page, please click on the DONATE button where you can fill out your donation, and immediately receive your tax receipt. In the area where you can specify which area you wish your donation can be directed, if you choose "The 48", half your donation will support the Church Refugee program, the other half to all other programs.